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New Jersey eyes private credit opportunities

The investment team at New Jersey Division of Investment explain why they are bullish on private credit, and flag trends in increasingly large capital raises by external managers. This risks pension fund assets not being allocated but sitting with 'asset gatherers' more focused on management fees.
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New Jersey leads flight from equities

The New Jersey Division of Investment, which manages the $67.3 billion in state pension funds and was the best-performing US fund last year, has made some dramatic changes to its asset allocation in line with its objective of relying less on public equities for returns.
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Strong internal team powers New Jersey fund

The $68 billion New Jersey Division of Investment (NJDI) has made claims to be the best performing public pension fund in the US in fiscal year 2009. This is made all the more impressive considering the internal investment team, which manages a large majority of assets, numbers only 16. Amanda White looks behind the scenes […]