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Gloom at NAPF attests to investor adventure

One year on and the job of trustees gathered at the United Kingdom’s National Association of Pension Funds, NAPF, annual investment conference in Edinburgh hasn’t got any easier. As the search for optimism in a low-return world endures, the conference seems to be caught in a time loop. Compared to last year, deciding on the […]
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Norway’s GPFG enters the property game

Last May, when Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global bought 4 per cent of the Formula One motor racing group from private-equity firm CVC Capital Partners, its goal was clear. The sovereign wealth fund, which invests Norway’s oil revenues, wanted the inside track on Formula One’s IPO in Singapore, scheduled for June. Instead, the GPFG’s foray […]

CDS Auctions

This Paul Woolley Centre Working paper, analyses credit default swap settlement auctions, showing the current auction design many not result in the fair bond price, and suggests modifications to the auction design to minimise mispricing. In particular it finds that an auction undervalues bonds by 10 per cent on average, on the day of the […]