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Billion-dollar beef-up at Barclays’ OPAM

If Tony Broccardo, head of Oak Pensions Asset Management, the investment arm of the £23-billion ($35.6-billion) pension fund for employees of London-headquartered bank, Barclays, wasn’t a fund manager he would have been an architect. But Broccardo has applied similar skills of stress testing, planning and making something structurally secure to the return-seeking fund, one of […]

Hedging implications for
liability-driven investors

Managing surplus risk enables pension plans and endowments to align their asset allocations with their future obligations. Market Insight:Analyzing Hedges for Liability-Driven Investors seeks to better understand the drivers of surplus risk and to analyse the potentially subtle impact of specific hedges. In Goldberg and Kim’s case study, a term-structure hedge using an interest-rate swap […]