Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Bridgewater urges investors to get real

Investors need to face the reality of lower returns and adjust their portfolios accordingly, the co-CIO of hedge-fund giant Bridgewater said.

Taiwan’s BLF still diversifying

From elevating the focus on multi-asset and alternatives allocations to expanding its roster of external managers, the Bureau of Labor Funds’ plans for 2018 are about diffusing the risk.
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CIO ready to leverage tech at IOOF

New IOOF chief investment officer Dan Farmer is looking to reduce correlated risk and diversify into alternative assets. To help achieve all this, he’s undertaking an ambitious software project.
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Be clear on factor strategies’ benefits

Smart beta, factor indices and other products promise a middle ground between traditional passive and active. But they vary greatly, and investors need to take a hard look before adopting them.

Time for a globalisation rethink?

There is growing recognition that globalisation has a downside. But whether they are mitigated, or continue on the current course, investors should be looking to safeguard their portfolios.

AP1 to up leverage, factor exposure

AP1 has its sights on broader, more efficient diversification, with plans to intensify its focus on derivatives and shake up its approach to hedge funds. We spoke to CIO, Mikael Angberg.
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If the gold asset fits, wear it

The debate over gold’s value as a financial asset will always be intense. But investors should look past the rhetoric to the evidence, when making a decision about whether it’s right for their po

Absolute returns boost Statewide

Australia’s Statewide Super is a top performer under Con Michalakis who embraces absolute returns and active managers while fighting against what he sees as the greatest risk of all, complacency.

MERS: real assets, non-US markets

MERS chief investment officer Jeb Burns still finds value in active management as he seeks to up the fund’s exposure to emerging markets, and other non-US locales, in equities and real assets.
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Emerging market funds need to diversify

Pension funds in many emerging economies need to diversify offshore, says the World Bank, in order to achieve higher returns with potentially lower volatility.

GPIF, ADIA: complex success

Japan’s GPIF has only recently moved into equities, while ADIA has a rich history of investing in a variety of asset classes. The returns of both giants show the benefits of diversification.
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Is diversification really a free lunch?

Diversification can be a powerful tool in managing downside risk, but it has been argued that “too much” diversification can destroy a business if it diverts too widely from its original purpose.