Gore spruiks sustainable investment

Former US vice-president Al Gore told the Milken conference the world has all it needs to turn potential environmental disaster into the biggest investment coup ever - with the right approach.
Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Steps beyond carbon footprinting

Merely capturing carbon data doesn't do enough to inform asset owners about environmental risk but models and technology are emerging to do the job, the Smith School's Ben Caldecott explains.
Fiduciary Investors Symposium

Renewables gain energetic support

Renewable energy sources are thriving as a long-term asset class, thanks to consumer demand from corporations, emerging technology and other factors. A panel of experts explained the appeal.
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EAPF leads climate-change push

The Environment Agency Pension Fund is expanding its efforts to support a low-carbon economy and demanding that other asset owners and the entire finance industry ‘step up’ as well.

NZ Super cleans out its carbon

Investors are not getting paid for taking on carbon risk according to New Zealand Super, prompting the fund to move its global passive equities portfolio to low carbon.

Trump won’t stop climate action

Stakeholders of all stripes around the world – even in the US – vow to keep fighting climate change, despite President Trump’s decision to back the US Government out of the Paris Agreement.

Path to sustainable infrastructure

Researchers make a call to action as a study reveals that despite much growth in sustainable infrastructure, it’s still not a part of core allocation strategy for many investors.

Managers top owners on climate risk

The asset-management industry is still taking more active steps to address climate risk than asset owners are, an annual Asset Owners Disclosure Project benchmark report has found.

RI integral to fiduciary responsibility

Investors, including ABP and EAPF, outline how they are putting their money where their mouth is with clear action plans to de-carbonise their portfolios and push for policy action on climate.
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Climate agreement marks turning point

Days of intense negotiations at the long-awaited COP21 meeting in Paris have seen a definitive agreement emerge on climate change.

OTPP advises on climate risk mitigation

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), an investor known for its advanced risk-management tools and processes, considers that the common tools available to investors to mitigate carbon risk for investors – portfolio carbon footprints and thematic divestment – provide incomplete risk management. The fund has suggested macro- and microanalysis is necessary to understand a company’s complete... Read more »

Empowering asset owners

Head of the global union movement, Sharan Burrow, has called on asset owners to “stop talking about constraints on fiduciary duty” and take the lead on the transition to a green economy. Burrow was part of a panel at the Fiduciary Investors Symposium in Chicago that told delegates the next wave of stewardship is not... Read more »