CalPERS stays the course with portfolio

The $350 billion California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s new portfolio will look more like the current one than other options. The pick balanced portfolio risk with liability concerns.

Managers perform for Texas Teachers

Manager selection led to nearly three-quarters of outperformance for Texas Teachers in 2017 as the fund beat its benchmark by 168 basis points.

CalPERS says no to adding leverage

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System announces it won’t be introducing leverage, and gives some details on how it will choose a portfolio in December from the four it’s considering.

Alaska Permanent braces for cash call

Alaska’s APFC faces an uncertain future as state lawmakers consider tapping into it to address budget shortfalls. The potential cash call makes fund CEO Angela Rodell’s job that much tougher.

Cambridge hedge fund insight sells

Most of the outsourced CIO clients of Cambridge Associates have aggressive asset allocations, with a tilt towards alternatives and hedge funds. But do the high fees eat into the potential alpha?

Factors aid manager selection

Investors, including the $194 billion State Board of Administration of Florida (SBA), are using factor analysis to decompose returns, select active managers and negotiate fees.
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Brunel Pension pool sets strategy

BPP, manager for 10 pooled UK local government pensions, is focused on infrastructure assets, efficiency and engaged stewardship as it establishes the pillars of its strategy.
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Norway reviews GPFG strategy

Norway is looking into whether GPFG, the world’s largest sovereign fund, should take on more diversifying assets and expand its tracking error. The fund’s ESG performance is also under review.

A strategy to believe in

Nevada’s public pension plan only pays 11 bps in total costs due to 80 per cent of the fund being indexed. But CIO Steve Edmundson says low fees are a byproduct, not the reason for the strategy.
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Why simplicity works for Idaho

After 25 years as CIO of Idaho PERS, Robert Maynard, has seen it all. He’s convinced a simple, transparent and focused investment strategy prevails in all terrain.
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Allocation changes are optional

The $12.5 billion School Employees Retirement System of Ohio decided realigning its portfolio was a better path to its goals than new asset allocation, CIO Farouki Majeed writes.

From bonds to equities for GPIF

Since 2014, the Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest investor, has shifted a chunk of its holdings, in domestic bonds to equities, and heightened its focus on stewardship.