A strategy to believe in

Nevada’s public pension plan only pays 11 bps in total costs due to 80 per cent of the fund being indexed. But CIO Steve Edmundson says low fees are a byproduct, not the reason for the strategy.
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Why simplicity works for Idaho

After 25 years as CIO of Idaho PERS, Robert Maynard, has seen it all. He’s convinced a simple, transparent and focused investment strategy prevails in all terrain.
From the CIO’s chair

Allocation changes are optional

The $12.5 billion School Employees Retirement System of Ohio decided realigning its portfolio was a better path to its goals than new asset allocation, CIO Farouki Majeed writes.

From bonds to equities for GPIF

Since 2014, the Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest investor, has shifted a chunk of its holdings, in domestic bonds to equities, and heightened its focus on stewardship.

Cbus CIO duo talk secrets of success

The CIO role of the Australian construction industry fund, Cbus Super is shared. Here we examine the success of that partnership and the fund's plan to bring up to 20 per cent of assets inhouse.
From the CIO’s chair

Looking for illiquidity

National Employment Savings Trust CIO Mark Fawcett says the fund is leveraging its growth to pursue illiquid assets for premium returns, greater diversification and reduced volatility.

Hedge funds pruned again

The $12.5 billion School Employees Retirement System of Ohio plans to cut its hedge fund allocation, which struggled last year. However, CIO Farouki Majeed says the asset class is bouncing back.

Ilmarinen sheds bonds for real value

Ilmarinen CIO Mikko Mursula looks to shrink its holdings in bonds while adding real estate and equity away from Europe, as the fund seeks protection from potential interest rate moves.

Strength amid global turmoil

Political factors will continue to create uncertainty in investment markets, so now – more than ever – large investors need to play to their strengths.

PERA renames asset buckets

The Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico, is re-calibrating its asset allocation and re-adjusting private equity.

Investment theory: good ‘in theory’

Investors should not rely on investment theory because the complex and connected risks in the real world cannot fully be accounted for, says Tim Unger, of Willis Towers Watson.

CALPERS’ chief navigates ‘perfect storm’

Outgoing CaIPERS’ CEO, Anne Stausboll, talks to Amanda White in an exclusive interview, about her passionate views on sustainability, simplifying the portfolio, and where improvements are needed.