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Tech alters infrastructure assets

AI and other advances are making assets like toll bridges more challenging. Opportunities are emerging from privatisation but the days of 'set-and-forget' may be coming to an end.
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APG in Asia: local, scalable

Dutch pension fund APG finds that bespoke, expandable deals with partners in the area serve it best in the competitive Asia-Pacific markets. Regional head Wim Hazeleger explains the approach.
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PGGM maps portfolio’s impact

The $268 billion PGGM mapped its entire portfolio based on the effects it had on 'the people and the planet'. For the sustainability-focused giant, the results were surprising.
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APG takes the lead on AI

APG is one of the few large asset owners putting AI to work effectively in its investment process. Amanda White looks at how it is integrating machine learning and more to enhance decisions.

Pension funds get cracking on diversity

The diversity problem in the industry is large. Investors know this, the challenge is how to fix it. Now a handful of funds are showing exactly how its done.
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ESG industry needs better social skills

Human rights advocate Kerry Kennedy says ESG frameworks are not providing investors with enough reliable data about human rights and other social issues to allow accurate assessment of risks.

Dutch pension funds embrace UN goals

PGGM and APG are well advanced in developing a process to identify potential sustainable development investment opportunities that could transform the UN’s targets into tangible returns.

PGGM, APG lead Dutch sustainability push

Two of the Netherlands’ largest fund managers, PGGM and APG, are developing investment strategies designed to help boost the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Japan’s GPIF and the next 100 years

With a unique long-term horizon – 100 years – Japan’s GPIF takes a different view of investing but is pragmatic enough to see that not all investors need to behave the same way.
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It’s the soft stuff that’s hard with RI

Cultivating organisational purpose, identity and culture, and leadership throughout asset-owner organisations that embeds and champions sustainability is the next frontier for responsible investment, says Rob Lake.

The power of knowledge management

Funds management is often discussed in the context of it being part art and part science, however most of the literature centres around the science, the finance, of funds management. The premise of active management is that skills and knowledge are paramount to capturing excess returns above the benchmark. But despite this premise, little is... Read more »

Worldwide diversity in funded pension plans

There is a huge diversity in pension system design across the globe, reflecting historical, cultural and institutional diversity. There is much to be learned by each of the different systems, so in order to compare the benefits of various systems, two authors from APG in the Netherlands postulate a new classification of four role models... Read more »