What we do

top1000funds.com is the news and analysis site specifically tailored to the executives at pension funds, endowments and sovereign wealth funds in more than 50 countries.


These investment professionals are responsible for the investment decision-making for multi-billion dollar portfolios that provide billions of people around the world with their retirement income. These large pools of money have great influence on the economic and political activities of the world. They impact the corporate behaviour of the companies they invest in, inspire governments to generate sustainable policy and help create investment markets around changing environments, such as climate change.


It is our belief that these investors face common investment challenges and innovations – our readers are all responsible for assets of $1 billion or more – regardless of geography. With this in mind we uniquely cater to their readership needs regardless of their location. The focus is on providing sophisticated, quality content that can empower them to make more-informed decisions, and develop a community of like-minded investors that have direct influence on the standard of living in retirement of billions of people, as well as the world we live in.


Who we are

top1000funds.com is staffed by an experienced team of investment journalists. Its dedicated staff include: editor and associate publisher, Amanda White, who has more than 15 years-experience writing investment news and analysis; and senior journalist, Sam Riley, whose diverse experience includes the past three years working in Shanghai.


They are also supported by the team of eight specialist investment journalists working for Conexus Financial’s other publications. All content is originally generated by the team of journalists who have well-established contacts with the investment executives at pension funds, endowments and sovereign wealth funds in more than 30 countries.