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Sustainability in Practice

Cambridge endowment talks inflation and divestment

Rising inflation will make it more challenging to meet the £4 billion Cambridge University Endowment Fund’s 5 per cent return hurdle, said Tilly Franklin, CIO, speaking at Sustainability in Practice. Franklin oversees a multi asset, diversified portfolio that is managed externally. The fund has significantly outperformed over the long term (10-year returns are 11 per […]
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Private equity boom also holds challenges for Oregon

It's been a white hot year for private equity but challenges in the asset class continue for investors, like the impact on total asset allocation given massive appreciations in portfolio values, plus slow distributions from GPs. We look at Oregon Public Employee Retirement Fund’s large private equity portfolio.
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NEST challenges private equity fees

UK pension scheme NEST’s first foray into private equity offers hope for investors looking beyond standard operating models in the asset class. The £20 billion defined contribution fund, currently sifting through 60-odd procurement responses to allocate more than £1 billion at the beginning of next year, is quietly confident it will be able to hammer out a deal with GPs to make the expensive asset class known for 2:20 fees affordable.