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FSBA pounces on high valuations

The $204 billion Florida State Board of Administration has decided today's market is overpriced and is unloading private equity and real estate to re-deploy capital for higher long-term yields.

Texas’ ERS to boost alternatives

The $29 billion Employees Retirement System of Texas will add to its alternatives portfolio over four years and wants small managers to represent 10 per cent of its active mandates.

AIMCo makes private equity top priority

Canada's AIMCo is pushing innovation further, taking ownership stakes in energy groups and hedge funds, and going after private equity with renewed gusto.
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Florida SBA trusts long-term plan

Florida State Board of Administration CIO Ash Williams may modernise real-estate holdings or add Asia exposure, but he sticks to the long-term strategy – especially when tough times loom.

Managers want more public companies

Individual investors are being denied access to tech shares and other growth because fewer businesses are publicly listed, a panel of asset management executives told the Milken conference.

Future Fund adds risk for short term

The CIO of Australia's sovereign wealth fund has added risk to the portfolio showing optimism about the short-term outlook but remains cautious about the medium and long term.

Pensions’ flawed return forecasts

We all know past performance is not indicative of future results, but a new study finds evidence that US public pensions are basing performance forecasts on their own prior experiences anyway.

Canada’s Caisse innovates in PE

The $233.3 billion pension fund, CDPQ, is looking to expand its sizeable private-equity allocation with moves into emerging markets and unconventional deals. Flexibility is essential.

CalPERS sees opening in VC

California Public Employees’ Retirement System CIO Ted Eliopoulos revealed in an interview that the pension giant sees ‘an opening’ caused by private companies taking longer to list.

CalSTRS manoeuvres for 2018 trends

Risk mitigation and changes in private equity are examples of how the California State Teachers’ Retirement System is positioning itself for 2018. CIO Chris Ailman shares trends he sees ahead.

ESG scrutiny hits private markets

Listed assets aren’t the only investments under more scrutiny. As funds strive for sustainability, they are now applying that rigour even to notoriously opaque classes such as private equity.

Alaska Permanent braces for cash call

Alaska’s APFC faces an uncertain future as state lawmakers consider tapping into it to address budget shortfalls. The potential cash call makes fund CEO Angela Rodell’s job that much tougher.