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ATP reunites alpha and beta after 6 years

Alpha and beta rely to a large extent on exposures to systematic risk factors, so goes the “2013 thinking” of ATP in reversing the decision to separate alpha and beta in its investment portfolio six years ago. ATP has separate hedging and investment portfolios, with the hedging portfolio significantly larger at around DKK 670 billion […]
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Hedging and risk reduction pay off at ATP

The seriousness with which the Danish pension fund ATP takes hedging paid off last year, with the fund recording its best ever return. A combination of the hedging activity and a deliberate move to substantially reduce its risk meant the fund weathered the European storm despite the fall-off in interest rates. The 579-billion-Danish kroner ($98.4-billion) […]
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Danish pension fund ATP expands to UK

Danish pension fund ATP will expand its operations into the United Kingdom, and the new head of its UK operations, Morten Nilsson, says they can offer a more diverse range of investments and better risk controls than what is currently available to many British pension fund members.