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Dump cap-weighted indexing for ‘efficient beta’

The status quo of ‘passive’ equity investment, ranking companies by market capitalisation, is delivering lower returns for higher volatility than a beta strategy which blends a cap-weighted approach with two of its competitors – minimum variance and fundamental indexing. Michael Bailey spoke to Lazard Asset Management’s Asia Pacific chief, Rob Prugue, about a paper co-written with […]

Asia-Pacific’s first life settlement swap

The $15.2 billion ($11 billion) New Zealand Superannuation Fund has ploughed $80 million into the Asia-Pacific region’s first life settlements swap, in a deal organised by Credit Suisse’s Sydney-based fixed interest investment banking team.
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Fiduciaries and investors ‘divided’ over inflation

There is a fundamental disconnect emerging between fiduciaries, and their underlying ‘real’ investors, on whether deflation or inflation is the prevailing investment theme, according to political and policy consultant Pippa Malmgrem, who spoke with Michael Bailey about why the prevailing model of strategic asset allocation has to change.