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The future of work: Key ingredients for success

The COVID-19 crisis was a defining leadership and transformation moment, where leaders have needed to reset their future of work agendas and lead the way to better and more human-centric workplaces. Marisa Hall from the Thinking Ahead Institute says leaders will need to think deeply about the wider themes.
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Climate change means change

Current strategies to address climate change have been helpful in triggering innovations and greater awareness of the challenge but the truth is emissions continue to rise. Marissa Hall outlines meaningful change asset owners can make to tackle the issues.
Sustainability Digital – Sept 2020

Embrace a systems framework

COVID-19 has revealed some fundamental design flaws in our global economy, including the relentless pursuit of economic growth - not only at the expense of the environment but also at the expense of people. The investment industry has a role to play in fixing these design flaws. A systems framework for investing could be the answer.