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ESG investing Does it just make you feel good, or is it actually good for your portfolio?

Investing with consideration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria has increased significantly in recent years. However, for a long time, the perception of investors was that ESGfocussed investing detracts from investment performance. This perception is starting to change. In this paper, we show that focussing on ESG factors can enhance returns. In particular, […]
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Economic Outlook: Looking into 2014…

There may be ‘green shoots’, but 2014 will see no rush for the exit from abnormally loose monetary policies says Neil Williams, Chief Economist for Hermes’ Global Government & Inflation Bonds, in his Quarterly Economic Outlook. Despite volatility over ‘taper-gate’ and concerns that central banks will start withdrawing stimulus, policy rates and bond yields may […]
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Copper: Where is the bottom?

For years metals such as aluminium, zinc and nickel have been persistently oversupplied. The copper market, in contrast, has been much tighter, primarily because China needs to import the metal but is largely selfsufficient in other metals. This has seen copper trade at a premium to other base metals and be recognised as a good […]
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Hermes Responsible Ownership Principles

Hermes Ownership Principles address a simple question: What should owners expect of listed companies and what should these companies expect from their owners? The expectations set out in this document are derived from Hermes extensive experience as an active and engaged shareholder. This experience suggests that there are a number of reasons companies fail in […]