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The publication pushes the industry to question whether status quo processes and behaviours to tackle risks and opportunities will be sufficient in the future, and actively campaigns for diversity, sustainability, transparency, innovation and better alignment of fees in the investment industry. is read by investment professionals in more than 40 countries.



At we aim to bring investors stories on the key thematics influencing investment decision making and allocations. Often they are big picture macro themes impacting markets, such as global supply chain disruption, climate risk or the technology revolution.

One of our defining characteristics, and main objectives, at, is to provide behind-the-scenes insight into the strategy and implementation of the world’s largest investors. As the world and global economies change so dramatically, readers are interested in learning from one another with regard to asset allocation, innovation on fees, new investment opportunities, organisational design and sustainability.

In this past month, in the lead up to COP26 we looked at what asset owners around the world are doing with regards to net zero. In particular we showcased two very important and leading funds, Ontario Teachers and CalSTRS.

Ontario Teachers is well along the way to net zero, having now set interim targets for portfolio implementation. It took a collaborative approach with representatives at the most senior levels of the organisation having key buy-in, and it had to incorporate the intricacies of setting net zero targets in a large and growing allocation to private markets. The fund landed on interim targets that were ambitious, with a plan to reduce portfolio carbon emissions intensity by 45 per cent by 2025 and two-thirds by 2030, compared to its 2019 baseline.

Meanwhile CalSTRS , which has been a leading light in ESG integration in the US, has been slow to adopt a net zero pledge, with internal debate centred around the most motivating factors to achieve net zero. Now it’s made the pledge to net zero by 2050 it will spend the next 12 months mapping the path to achieve net zero.

The role of private finance, and the allocation of large institutional investors, is an important piece in the puzzle to decarbonise the economy and we will continue to watch this closely.

I hope you enjoy our coverage on this month. We look forward to partnering with you.


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The editorial team is led by Amanda White. White is responsible for the content across all Conexus Financial’s institutional media and events. In addition to being the editor of, she is responsible for directing the bi-annual Fiduciary Investors Symposium which challenges global investors on investment best practice and aims to place the responsibilities of investors in wider societal, and political contexts, as well as promote the long-term stability of markets and sustainable retirement incomes.

White has been an investment journalist for more than 20 years and has edited industry journals including Investment & Technology, Investor Weekly and MasterFunds Quarterly. She was previously editorial director of InvestorInfo and has worked as a freelance journalist for the Australian Financial Review, CFO, Asset and Asia Asset Management. White is currently a fellow in the Finance Leaders Fellowship at the Aspen Institute. The two-year program consists of 22 fellows and seeks to develop the next generation of responsible, community-spirited leaders in the global finance industry.

Amanda White

Director of institutional content

Chikafumi Hodo

Journalist, Asia Pacific

Sarah Rundell

European editor

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Our esteemed advisory board leverage the intellectual capital and thought leadership of some of the world's largest asset owners to ensure the themes and topics of our editorial and events is highly relevant and addresses the most pertinent issues in the industry today.

Charles Van Vleet

Chief investment officer, Textron Inc

Eduard van Gelderen

Chief investment officer, PSP

Hareb Al Darmaki

Adviser to the managing director and board member, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority

James Davis

Chief investment officer, OPTrust

Michael Hitchcock

Chief executive officer, South Carolina Retirement Commission

Pertti Lassila

Head of strategy, Keva

Simon Hoyle

Group publisher, Conexus Financial

Stephen Kotkin

Professor of history and international affairs, Princeton University

Todd Ruppert

Chair, investment committee, INSEAD Endowment



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Our programs are uniquely designed to offer deepened knowledge and understanding of the opportunities and challenges asset owners face through case studies, panel sessions and table discussions, which are infused into the program to promote peer learning and cohesion. The content of our programs evolves throughout the events; we guide the audience on a content journey through our curated programs. We enforce a strict no marketing environment where the focus is on knowledge sharing and thought leadership.

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I attended the entire conference. It was really well done. I found the digital presentations very seamless and had no issues whatsoever. The speakers, the slides, and the moderators were all excellent.

Rajiv Silgardo

Board member, OMERS

I attended the entire conference. It was really well done. I found the digital presentations very seamless and had no issues whatsoever. The speakers, the slides, and the moderators were all excellent.

Rajiv Silgardo

Board member, OMERS

It was rich in content and provided a range of experiences.

Udaibir Das

Advisor, IMF

The topics and speakers were excellent.

Patrick Uelfeti

Deputy CIO, Swiss Federal Pension Fund PUBLICA

Great sessions, and I enjoyed the networking opportunities.

Karen Lockridge

Director, ESG investing, Canada Post Corporation Pension Plan

It was very professional and worked effectively. The sessions were interactive which meant they held your attention.

Deb Clarke

Partner, global head of investment research, Mercer

Good content at various levels (e.g., macro themes, specific examples of implementation).

Alison Loat

Managing director, sustainable investing and innovation, OPTrust

Top notch event - always so professional and thought provoking. Topical well-presented content. Right on the mark.

Alexandra West

Chief strategy officer, investments, Cbus Super

Outstanding content on the future of long term investing in a low interest environment.

Neil Murphy

Vice president, Corporate communications, Investment Management Corporation of Ontario (Canada)

The convenience of being able to access superior content from the comfort of my office.

Christopher Hanson

Executive Director, City of Austin Employees' Retirement System (United States)

The sessions I sat in were very insightful and you had a great range of speakers. Nothing beats being at these sessions in person but it was a fabulous opportunity to get exposure to this symposium. The polling questions and being able to ask questions live also made me feel like an active participator in the session.

Anna Weickart

Senior portfolio manager, equities, Cbus Super (Australia)

Amazing speakers and great moderation.

Bill Lee

Chief investment officer, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital (United States)

The inflation and interest rate discussions, plus hearing various perspectives was very beneficial. Being part of the dialogue and interactions are helpful.

Geraldine Jimenez

Director of investment strategy and risk, CalSTRS (United States)

In-person conferences from have long been among the very best events I attend, and their digital events rise to the same standard by combining insightful content with seamless technology.

David Veal

Chief investment officer, City of Austin Employees Retirement System (United States)

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Hareb Masood Al-Darmaki

Deputy chair of investment committee; advisor to the managing director, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority is a breath of fresh air in terms circulating stories that encompass new ideas and original thinking to keep us all abreast of the ideas that matters to us in the asset management industry in general and asset allocation spheres. I thank you for that.

Rebecca Fender

Head of the Future of Finance Initiative, CFA Institute

Congratulations to Amanda and the team on this milestone. Your timely and relevant articles consistently offer thoughtful insights about the industry, and I look forward to seeing what the next era of investing will bring.

Dong Hun Jang

CIO, POBA (Korea)

I really enjoy reading articles for my reference in investment. I would describe it as a kind of lighthouse when I was lost in turbulent market situation.

Jaap van Dam

Principal director investment strategy, PGGM; and author of Achieving Investment Excellence (The Netherlands)

The newsletter has become a very powerful source of information for the community of asset owners around the world. It is relevant and deep. I’ve known Amanda White for more than a decade now, she probably has the deepest understanding of the topics that are of interest to asset owners in the field globally.

Tom Brakke

TJB Research (United States) provides a great mix of stories that are of interest to asset owners and those who work with them, covering both investment topics and organisational ones. While aimed at “the world’s largest institutional investors,” the articles are relevant to all kinds of asset owners, as well as professionals at other investment organisations.

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