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Factor investing: it works for credits too

Pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds increasingly apply factor investing to equities in their portfolios. And now institutional investors would also like to apply this concept to credits. A research study ( ‘Factor investing in the corporate bond market’) shows that factor strategies can be attractive in credit markets. How does this work […]
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Smart credit investing: harvesting factor premiums

Although most factor research focuses on the equity market, the concept and benefits of factor investing apply equally well to the corporate bond market. A smart way of investing is combining the factors into a multi-factor credit portfolio in order to diversify across factors. A multi-factor portfolio retains the high Sharpe ratio of the individual […]
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How factor investing also works for corporate bonds

Two Robeco researchers have become the first to analyze the effect that factor premiums can have on corporate bond investing. The work by Patrick Houweling and Jeroen van Zundert aims to show that the factors used successfully in equity market investing can also work in the corporate bond market. Read more about this research study.