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Inflation devalues attempts at consensus

The two big decisions for fiduciary investors this year concern interest rates and currencies. But those decisions are relatively easy. What is a lot more difficult is: how do you go about implementing these big-picture decisions at the hands-on level?

Chinese landing could be hard … or soft

One of the more interesting numbers behind the last Chinese GDP growth headline figure is the proportion of that growth which is due to domestic demand. Fiduciary investors have been getting set for the domestic demand theme in China for some time, of course. Well, it’s here in a big way.

How to predict your PE manager’s performance

There are an estimated 1,600 private equity firms around the world in capital-raising mode at the moment, offering fiduciary investors a smorgasbord of alternatives, split on regions, style, size, stage and sector categorisations. Some recent good news for investors is that, for private equity at least, there is now evidence of performance persistence.