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Factor Investing in the Corporate Bond Market

We provide empirical evidence that the Size, Low-Risk, Value and Momentum factors have economically meaningful and statistically significant risk-adjusted returns in the corporate bond market. Since the factors capture different effects, a combined multi-factor portfolio halves the tracking error compared to the individual factors. Read the research paper »
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Smart Credit Investing: the Size Premium

So far, most attention for factor investing has focused on equities, but the concepts and premiums carry over to other asset classes like credits. In this note, we address a specific factor premium in the credit market, namely the size premium. This premium relates to the effect that small caps tend to outperform large caps. […]
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The low-risk anomaly in credits

In this Research Note we show that low-risk credits had superior risk-adjusted excess returns over the past 20 years. By selecting low-risk bonds from low-risk issuers, investors would have earned credit-like returns at substantially lower risk. Read more about the low-risk anomaly in credit markets using various dimensions of risk. Read the research paper »
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Robeco Outlook 2016

Valuations have increased, lowering the prospect of above-average returns. This holds true for risky assets in particular, but sovereign bonds will also be expensive in the scenario of subdued but expanding growth we expect in 2016. Read more »
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Factor investing: it works for credits too

Pension funds, insurance companies and sovereign wealth funds increasingly apply factor investing to equities in their portfolios. And now institutional investors would also like to apply this concept to credits. A research study ( ‘Factor investing in the corporate bond market’) shows that factor strategies can be attractive in credit markets. How does this work […]
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Five things about maximizing factor investing performance

Although factor investing is becoming more popular, there are still plenty of questions surrounding the concept and its implementation. In Europe, the US and Asia, it is a widely debated strategy within the professional investment community. Investors are attracted by the prospect of greater diversification, higher returns and lower risk. What should investors know in […]