Jeremy Lawson has been a professional macroeconomist for 20 years and has held a range of senior positions in both the public and private sectors. He began his career at the Reserve Bank of Australia, where rose to the position of senior research economist. He then joined the OECD in Paris, where he worked extensively on European public policy and climate change issues and was the head of the Hungary/Slovenia desk. In 2010 Lawson joined the Institute of International Economics as the deputy director of global macroeconomics before moving on to BNP Paribas as a senior US economist, specialising in Fed policy, as well as fiscal issues and inflation. Lawson was the chief economist of Standard Life Investments before becoming the head of the ASI Research Institute. The Institute was founded to oversee and promote sophisticated conjunctural and scenario analysis, as well as fundamental research at the intersection of economics, politics, policy, ESG issues and markets. Lawson holds an MSc in Public Financial Policy from the London School of Economics and took a sabbatical in 2007 to advise the then Australian Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd on economic and climate policy.

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