User Guide



Home shows Latest Members, Recent Activities of the community and Recent Group Activities.


Profile page is where your personal profile and your applications will be displayed.
A User Profile picture can be displayed from your images and it will be automatically resized.

The top on the right side of the page display your profile details. You may edit it through the edit button.
Under the Profile details, shows the status updates of your Friends and a button to list all your friends

Your profile name will display some details. Member
since, Last online and Profile view(s). Below them, you may update your
status, such as what are you currently up to, etc. This board will also
update you with any incoming message or friend request.

Moving on, you will find four modules buttons. First is "invite
friends" button to allow you invite friends from your contact email by
keying in your friend email. Next are "Add Photos", "Add Apps" and
"Start a Group" Button.

Other than above, the Profile page also display other details.
First is the update of the users latest activities. Continued with the
list of applications that you have added on.


Under the groups tab, shows which groups you currently join. You
will only be able to see the Groups if you have added the Groups
application. Go to Application —> Edit, and add the Groups


Shows images you have uploaded to your Profile. You will only
see images if you have added the Photos application. Go to Application
—> Edit, and add the Photos application.


In Wall, you and your friends (at current time of writing,
others too) are able to leave a comment on your Profile Page. You will
only see the comments if you have added the Walls application. Go to
Application —> Edit, and add the Walls application.

Custom Fields

In user profile custom fields, for those text field that represent a url link (e.g. Home Page), you can add the string ‘http://’ follow by your url address, e.g. ‘’. During value display in profile page, the string value will automatic converted to clickable hyperlink.


There are many applications on You can choose which application you would like to have on your account.

Click here for the list of Applications.

To see the list of applications, go to Application –> Browse

To edit it, go to Application –> Edit. Here, you will be able to:

1. find out what are these applications for

2. setting each of the application based on your preferences

3. set the arrangement of applications by dragging it (ctrl + drag up or down).

4. adjust the privacy setting of each application

5. remove the application that you do not want to use

Inbox personal messaging system allows you to send a message to
any site members easily. There are 2 ways to send a message, via your
own inbox or by click on user’s profile and write a message.


You can join and participate in groups easily. Before you can post
on the group wall or create a discussion, you will first need to become
a member of the group. Click the "Join Now" to join your group.

To manage Group that you joined, go to Application –> Group.

Here, you can view the current groups, search a group as well as
view groups that you have joined. You can also create a new group.

Group Components


Announcements lists all bulletins you with to make to the group.
Announcements does not support replies. Only Group founder can Create
Bulletin for Announcements.


Discussion lists all discussions anyone posts in the groups. Discussions support replies from group members.


Wall supports Wall posts from members of a group. Only Group founder can Remove
Wall posts.