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ESG here to stay

Anyone who thought ESG was a passing fad can think again. The announcement this week that Mercer, which has led the consulting industry on standalone ESG ratings, will now integrate those factors across its ratings process has cemented ESG as an important investment risk and return consideration. The consultant rates more than 20,000 investment strategies […]

De-worming the Big Apple

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with Ranji Nagaswami, chief investment advisor to New York City mayor, Michael Bloomberg. She’s the first mayoral chief investment adviser in NYC to oversee pensions and investments, an area that is usually the domain of the comptroller. She is an experienced and dynamic enthusiast with ideas galore […]

Illinois pension reform

At least one state in the US is acting on the need for epic reform of its pension system, but the political difficulty associated with such reform – something all states are wary of – was demonstrated in the violent outburst by Illinois representative, Mike Bost, last week (see video) and the inability of representatives […]

Review highlights obstacles to long-term thinking

The Kay Review into UK equity markets and long-term decision-making is one of the more sensible of a raft of reviews that have evolved from the crisis. It looks at the interaction, behaviour, incentives and decision-making of all the players in the financial services “value chain”. More than some nationalities, the Brits have been concerned […]

How to tackle pay structures

The remuneration of pension fund investment executives is a sticking point in the industry. To compete with the open market, attract and retain a certain calibre of executive, and compensate them for the peculiarities of being a fiduciary, there is a certain minimum required. At the same time this has to be balanced with communication […]

Climate change dwarfs euro crisis when seen from afar

Someone once told me the reason the Dalai Lama is always smiling, even when he’s talking about war, is that his view of the world, and all its troubles, is like a knowing father watching a child work through the wonderment and challenges of life. It is with this view that institutional investors must face […]