SI Outlook 2021

What does Robeco expect in the world of sustainable investing in 2021? We remain focused on the two main elements of SI: integrating ESG into the investment process and active ownership. In our latest webinar, Masja Zandbergen outlines her views on the market outlook for SI and sustainable strategies.

Sustainability yearbook 2021

S&P Global has published its annual yearbook showcasing the sustainability performance of the world’s largest companies. Over 7,000 companies were assessed as part of the 2020 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), which resulted in 70 gold class, 74 silver class, and 98 bronze class medals being awarded to companies in the Sustainability Yearbook 2021.

AM’s yet to embrace sustainability

Proxy voting is a powerful tool for shareholders to steer corporate agendas towards sustainability-focused decision making. Despite the increased attention to the integration of sustainability in investment solutions, asset managers generally vote against environmental and social proposals. This trend is more pronounced among large and passive players.

Big Book of Sustainable Investing

The title says it all. In The Big Book of SI, we analyze sustainable investing today and examine the trends that will shape our future. This new publication also gives investors guidelines on implementation, includes interviews with experts and client cases, and highlights the link between ESG integration and performance. All that in just 102 pages.

Portfolio Engineering

For decades, we have engineered scalable portfolios to help institutional investors achieve their goals. In the past, these goals have typically been financial (eg. return and risk targets), but now many investors are also seeking to achieve environmental and social impacts through their portfolios. We believe the best way to achieve both financial investment goals and these impact goals is through portfolio engineering that incorporates these objectives holistically, beginning with crisply defining an investor's goals, systematically looking across a variety of asset classes to find assets that are aligned with these goals, and then combining those assets to create a portfolio that is designed to achieve a high ratio of return to risk.

Sustainability in the time of Covid-19

2020 underlined just how closely connected the world is. The pandemic broke out in a market in China but quickly spread to the rest of the world. The health crisis soon escalated into a serious economic crisis – a crisis of which we still do not know the full consequences of. Being able to act quickly and safely in a changing world is more important than ever. Many of PensionDanmark’s members and companies have endured periods of lockdown, and jobs have been lost as a consequence. The hotel and restaurant industry, the transport industry and the many employees at Denmark’s airports have been particularly hard hit. Many of the companies that were not shut down had to implement restrictions and other measures to protect themselves against COVID-19.