Steinem: No more labels, just humanity

Gloria Steinem tells institutional investors it is time to ditch the labels that describe our gender, class or ethnicity and urged the investment community to look at investments through the lens of gender, class and racial equality.
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Diversity: How to move the needle

Targets, allocating to diverse managers and acting on calls for change from diverse staffers are just some of the ways asset owners are boosting diversity in their own organisations. Investors at the Kresge Foundation, AP2 and AIMCo talk about their diversity, equity and inclusion action.
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Diversity uncut

In a fireside chat, Gloria Steinem reminds us why diversity is such an important issue for investors to understand, why it impacts society, business and investments so fundamentally, and why there is still so much work to do.
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Diversity and inclusion case studies

This session looks at various asset owner case studies and how they are tackling diversity and inclusion, through their own organisational processes and practices, through manager due diligence and by aligning their investments with the SDGs.
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Gender lens investing

This session looks at the gender gap and the tools and processes available to improve the gender lens for investors both organisationally and for the companies they invest in.
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Diversity Impact Score

Throughout its history, the U.S. domestic Asset Management Industry, projected by PwC to grow to $71.2 trillion in assets under management by 20251, has exhibited an empirical lack of diversity with respect to gender and ethnicity within its ranks. Numerous studies have shown that Women and People of Color (“POC”) are underrepresented in the Industry, including a 2019 study commissioned by the Knight Foundation finding that Asset Management firms owned substantially or majority-owned by Women or POC managed only 1.3% of the Industry’s total assets under management.
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Diversity: The data challenge of 2020s

Assessing, managing and changing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is set to become the data issue of the 2020s, as asset owners turn their attention to the power they have to advocate for change in the companies they invest in, and the firms that manage their money.
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Investors want transparency on diversity

The momentum around diversity and inclusion in the investment industry continues as consulting firms put pressure on asset managers to report on diversity and institutional investors in Canada and the US commit to solving inequities related to diversity.
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Foundation puts diversity first

Bert Feuss, senior vice president, investments at the $13.5 billion Silicon Valley Community Foundation, SVCF, explains why diversity is so important, the steps the impact investor has taken to address the institutionalised lack of diversity, and the impact on performance.
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Why diversity is important: Calif. funds

CalPERS and CalSTRS recently hosted over 400 attendees from academia, business, and investment to explore the connection between diversity, human capital and performance. And gave participants tangible next steps on how to increase diversity within their workplace and fresh momentum to push the diversity cause.
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Industry inflection point on diversity

On International Women’s Day we spoke to Mass PRIM CIO, Michael Trotsky about diversity and inclusion. He was part of the CFA Institute’s diversity and inclusion project and believes the industry is at a perfect inflection point to make inroads into improving its score on diversity.
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Why diversity is important at CalSTRS

On International Women’s Day CalSTRS’ CIO, Chris Ailman gives the industry some pointers on how to improve its score on diversity and inclusion. CalSTRS is a diversity leader and has gender parity in its investment team has been a leader on diversity.
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CFA drives diversity agenda

The CFA Institute will work with 30 asset owners and managers as “experimental partners”, implementing diversity and inclusion action plans in their businesses. We spoke to CFA's Rebecca Fender and CalSTRS' Chris Ailman about the importance of diversity. #BalanceforBetter