Session video

A company and investor engagement story

This session takes a deep dive into the sustainability lens from a large corporate view and how investors and corporates are working together to create lasting impact.
Session videoStewardship

Responsible investing

This session will examine the importance of impactful stewardship to deliver sustainable wealth creation and its potential to transform financial, social and environmental outcomes.

The importance of engagement

In this episode Amanda White talks with engagement specialist at Robeco, Peter van der Werf, about the importance of engagement; what good engagement looks like; and what financially material sustainability themes are important right now.

Robeco hails the power of stewardship

Global asset manager Robeco has found proactive stewardship triggers important changes in corporate behaviour. Chief executive Gilbert van Hassel urges FIS 2020 Digital delegates to do the same.

Stewardship – The 2020 vision

At the international business of Federated Hermes, we believe that the investment management industry could be a potent force in building a better world; but today that potential is largely unfulfilled.

The future of engagement

Ben Caldecott from The Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford explains how emerging technologies, changing client preferences, new regulatory landscapes, and evolving economic geographies create new opportunities for more effective engagement and forms of active ownership.

Investors debate engagement priorities

Should investors collectively prioritise engagement issues, and if so what is at the top of the list? This was one of the topics delegates discussed at the 8th Sustainable Finance Forum run by the Oxford University Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment together with The Rothschild Foundation and the KR Foundation.

The power of engagement

It is called the “CalPERS’ Effect” but it could easily be called the asset owner effect, or the institutional investor effect, or the power of engagement effect. Wilshire, which is a consultant to the $300 billion Californian fund CalPERS, has provided an update on its study measuring the effect of engagement on a targeted list of companies called the Focus List.