Ford Foundation’s impact strategy

The Ford Foundation outlines its ability to achieve impact and returns and announces plans to invest for impact in public markets in the next 18 months. Elsewhere, renown impact investor Pictet Asset Management explains how impact investment is becoming more mainstream.
Session videoImpact

Impact and measurement

This session will hear from investors on their approaches and the applicability and power of impact investing across both public and private assets.

No equality without everyone

This piece is part of Disability Demands Justice, a dynamic, ever-evolving hub by the Ford Foundation to deepen our understanding of how disability intersects with social justice.

Sizing the impact investing market

It is essential that the growth in impact investing is scale with integrity. The first step in that is to determine the current scale of the impact investing market and examine what that may mean for future growth and development.

The hidden costs of social impacts

Andrew Howard, Head of Sustainable Research, at Schroders, explains the rationale and analysis behind Schroders’ ground-breaking SustainEx tool and how the societal costs it measures could affect future corporate profitability.

Impact investment continues to evolve

Impact investment and its combination of financial returns and social or environmental purpose is beginning to move from fringe to the financial mainstream in part because the long-held concept that investment should only maximise shareholder value is beginning to fade.