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Prepare portfolios for tipping point

Political and social systems, like physical landscapes, have non-linear dynamics that suddenly reach tipping points after which there is no going back. Investors should ready their portfolios, urges Professor Cameron Hepburn, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Oxford.
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How to green the recovery: OECD

Shardul Agrawala, head, environment and economy integration division at the OECD laid out the challenges and opportunities for governments to build back better. He highlighted the industries and that may undergo transformation and the underlying market failures that need fixing.
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What’s next?

What is required for all investors to use their influence to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery?
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Holistic and lasting sustainability

What is sustainability if not the ability to exist into the future? In this context how sustainable are institutions, organisations, communities and politics and what will the future actually look like?
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Understanding complex systems

The climate emergency is so large it requires a rewiring of the whole economic and financial system. But to do this new risk models are required and old paradigms must be abandoned to make way for a better way of understanding complex systems.
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The future of capitalism

A fireside chat with the founder of one of the most successful investment management firms in the world on how capitalism is broken, and importantly how it can be fixed.
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Ray Dalio on fixing capitalism

A conversation with Ray Dalio, co-chair and co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates, to air at the upcoming Sustainability Conference looks at how capitalism has lost its way, and the possible solutions for getting it back on track.
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The path to a sustainable economy

This episode explores the key pillars of a sustainable recovery including the three important long term trends that need to be addressed climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequality.
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Embrace a systems framework

COVID-19 has revealed some fundamental design flaws in our global economy, including the relentless pursuit of economic growth - not only at the expense of the environment but also at the expense of people. The investment industry has a role to play in fixing these design flaws. A systems framework for investing could be the answer.

Building back better

For the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis to be durable and resilient, a return to ‘business as usual’ and environmentally destructive investment patterns and activities must be avoided. To avoid this, economic recovery packages should be designed to “build back better”.
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Looking forward with the PRI

In conversation with Fiona Reynolds, chief executive of the PRI, this episode looks specifically at some of the activities of the PRI and its engagement with stakeholders around COVID-19, their ESG priorities and what a sustainable recovery looks like.
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From linear to circular

A circular economy is an industrial system that is restorative or regenerative by intention and design. It replaces the end-of-life concept with restoration, shifts towards the use of renewable energy, eliminates the use of toxic chemicals.
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Covid-19 and relationship with nature

In this series of articles, Federated Hermes will explore the links between infectious diseases, environmental issues and social sustainability, alongside the role of investors and companies. In part one, Sonya Likhtman looks at how the destruction of ecosystems can increase the risk of pandemics.
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Renewed, recharged and reinforced

Renewed, Recharged and Reinforced: Urgent actions to harmonize and scale sustainable finance (Report of the Global Investors for Sustainable Development Alliance to the European Commission).
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Investor collaboration on sustainability

This episode explores the role of investors and how they can collaborate for effective collective action. It includes the work of one of the leaders in sustainable investing and the biggest pension fund in Europe, APG.
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Brunel’s plan for a new financial system

The UK’s £30 billion Brunel Pension Partnership is taking investing in a carbon zero future to a whole new level. It has just published a far-reaching Climate Change Policy filled with actions and deadlines linked to the goals of the Paris Agreement.
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The big book of SI

It is with great pleasure that we present to you our Big Book of SI. We firmly believe in sustainability investing, and think all the stars are aligned for this investment discipline.