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Sustainability Digital 2020: A Planet in Trouble is an urgent call to action for all investors to influence investee companies to change their focus and put people before profits to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery.

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China ESG risk: the next unknown

One of the most important, upcoming challenges at CalSTRS is how the fund should evaluate Chinese investments from a human capital and environmental standpoint, says Chris Ailman, chief investment officer at the giant pension fund.
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PRI and the road ahead

The PRI will focus on a number of key areas in the years ahead including helping signatories invest in line with the SDGs and social issues, and pushing for more engagement. But it will also be asking for increased accountability amongst its signatories.
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Prepare portfolios for tipping point

Political and social systems, like physical landscapes, have non-linear dynamics that suddenly reach tipping points after which there is no going back. Investors should ready their portfolios, urges Professor Cameron Hepburn, Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Oxford.
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How to integrate the SDGs

Integrating the SDGs involves analysing investee companies' core business, the products and services they sell, and mapping that to the SDGs. Two investors, APG and Schroders,  outline the indepth process.
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Coca-Cola and Robeco talk engagement

In an intimate case study this session at the Sustainability conference profiles the relationship between Robeco and CocaCola and how investor engagement has helped prioritise sustainability issues and drive long-term growth through a focus on the circular economy.
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Nordhaus calls for carbon tax

International negotiations like the Paris Agreement no longer work. The world needs a new framework supporting a carbon tax with both carrots and sticks to encourage participation, says William Nordhaus, Sterling Professor of Economics, Yale University and 2018 Nobel Prize winner in Economics.

Ford Foundation’s impact strategy

The Ford Foundation outlines its ability to achieve impact and returns and announces plans to invest for impact in public markets in the next 18 months. Elsewhere, renown impact investor Pictet Asset Management explains how impact investment is becoming more mainstream.
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Longterm investment: A better capitalism

Stewardship and engagement will become an integral part of investment in the future, and asset owners need to write stewardship and non-financial objectives into their mandates with managers, according to Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive international of Federated Hermes.

CalPERS’ Simpson on Climate Action 100+

Climate Action 100+ illustrates asset owners’ ability to come together to solve the tragedy of the commons, said Anne Simpson, managing investment director, board governance and sustainability at US pension giant CalPERS. She said once investors realise that risk and return comes from managing financial, human and natural capital then ESG became a fundamental part of investing.
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How to green the recovery: OECD

Shardul Agrawala, head, environment and economy integration division at the OECD laid out the challenges and opportunities for governments to build back better. He highlighted the industries and that may undergo transformation and the underlying market failures that need fixing.

No luxury to pick and choose SDGs

There is moment driven by the COVID-19 crisis to invest in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, according to chief executive of Robeco, Gilbert van Hassel. But investing in companies of the future, and avoiding risks of the past, requires real expertise and changing mindsets about investment poses one of the biggest challenge for investors.

Holding managers to account on net zero

Nigel Topping, Champion of COP26, says institutional investors should  put their fund managers on notice to provide more net zero products. He was speaking at the Top1000funds.com Sustainability conference in a session detailing how asset owners can move towards net zero.
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What’s next?

What is required for all investors to use their influence to create a more sustainable economy, and to wake up to the crucial role they play in ensuring a sustainable recovery?
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Holistic and lasting sustainability

What is sustainability if not the ability to exist into the future? In this context how sustainable are institutions, organisations, communities and politics and what will the future actually look like?
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Understanding complex systems

The climate emergency is so large it requires a rewiring of the whole economic and financial system. But to do this new risk models are required and old paradigms must be abandoned to make way for a better way of understanding complex systems.
Session videoSDGs

The SDGs in action

This session looks at case studies of how investors are using SDGs to shape a view of the future and incorporating that into an investment framework.
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In conversation

In this intimate conversation, Paul Polman, SDG ambassador and chair of IMAGINE, discusses the importance of leaders accelerating corporate responsibility efforts.
Session videoImpact

Impact and measurement

This session will hear from investors on their approaches and the applicability and power of impact investing across both public and private assets.
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Integrating ESG

This session will look at how to assess the effect of ESG issues on macro economies and markets and how to engineer a scalable strategic asset allocation that delivers consistent financial performance and is aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Advocating for the SDGs

The SDGs have a bold ambition to “transform our world” while “leaving no one behind”. Hear from some of the United Nations SDG ambassadors on why they are a universal action plan to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030

Biden win more favourable for markets

A Joe Biden win in the October presidential election in the United States could be more accommodating to financial markets in the longer term despite a likely negative initial reaction, according to Ray Dalio, co-CIO and founder of Bridgewater Associates.
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The future of capitalism

A fireside chat with the founder of one of the most successful investment management firms in the world on how capitalism is broken, and importantly how it can be fixed.
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Investor case studies

This session looks at case studies of investors who have integrated sustainability practices into their investment decision making and portfolio construction, their outlook for the next five to 10 years, and what they think ESG 2.0 will look like in their portfolios.
Session videoStewardship

Responsible investing

This session will examine the importance of impactful stewardship to deliver sustainable wealth creation and its potential to transform financial, social and environmental outcomes.
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COP26 – What to expect

This session looks at the areas of focus for the meeting and how within the short term focus of this COVID-19 crisis we can mobilise government, business and investors into action around the important issue of climate change.
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Planetary Boundaries:

Businesses have a huge role to play in containing global environmental risks. And because they have great leverage on companies, so too do investors.  The idea of “ethical” or “green” investing has gained ground in recent years, but it is hampered by a lack of quantitative definitions.
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Ray Dalio on fixing capitalism

A conversation with Ray Dalio, co-chair and co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates, to air at the upcoming Sustainability Conference looks at how capitalism has lost its way, and the possible solutions for getting it back on track.