8VC’s Lonsdale on the future of venture

In an interview during FIS Digital 2021 Joe Lonsdale, founder and general partner, 8VC talks about his unique approach to venture investment with Todd Ruppert, chair, INSEAD endowment.
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City of Austin looks to the future

The City of Austin Employees Retirement System has turned around its five-year performance with a focus on value in active management and deconstructing its bond portfolio. As it looks to the future CIO David Veal considers venture capital and crypto investments.
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The case for venture

In 2020, there are 4 very powerful and visible phenomena, the convergence of which is likely to bring tremendous change and disruption, much of which will be at the expense of incumbent business models and with significant investment implications.
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Opportunity for asset managers

Insights into private markets and venture may provide a real competitive edge for asset managers in demonstrating to investors an understanding of innovation and disruption and how this affects public market portfolios