Carothers’ view: Democracy in trouble

Celebrated expert and author on democracy Thomas Carothers speaks to Stephen Kotkin on the reasons why democracy is in crisis. The solutions involve meeting the needs of alienated middle classes, strengthening institutions and policies that foster equality rather than enable elite capture, he said.
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The qualities of successful stewardship

The Investor Mining & Tailings Safety Initiative, chaired by the Church of England Pensions Board and the Swedish Council of Ethics of the AP Funds has won the PRI Stewardship Project of the Year Award. The initiative reveals the qualities of successful stewardship.
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Companies actions at odds with purpose

Being a signatory to the Business Roundtable’s statement of the purpose of a corporation did not bear fruit when it came to a company’s responsiveness to COVID-19 pandemic and inequality issues, a groundbreaking new initiative has revealed.
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Engagement and divestment: a mighty team

The empirical results of academic studies indicate that both engagement and divestment approaches can be effective in achieving desired ESG outcomes. So, far from being mutually exclusive, both engagement and divestment are mutually reinforcing.
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Investors focus on human capital

Investors are putting pressure on companies to accelerate the shift to purpose-driven leadership and focus on human capital policies during the crisis. But while there are some examples of corporations making policy changes that positively impact their workers, supply chain issues pose a significant problem.
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Shareholders need to step up: Bischoff

Shareholders, including institutional investors, were at the core of the move to an obsession with short term returns by corporates, and are key to its reversal, according to Sir Winfried Bischoff chair of the UK regulator, the Financial Reporting Council.