Alleviating global poverty

In this Fiduciary Investors Series podcast Amanda White talks to Esther Duflo, the Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics at MIT and current Nobel Prize winner in Economics about the impact of the coronavirus pandemi

FIS 2020: Global Policy Response

Two ex-central bankers, Randy Kroszner and Lucrezia Reichlin, said that central banks were doing everything they could to ensure markets continue to function. They said inflation was unlikely.

FIS 2020: The policy response

FIS 2020 will discuss how the unprecedented government stimulus in response to the pandemic could affect investor returns and specific allocations. Areas of concern include a sharp rise in zombie companies kept afloat by government support.
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Global policy responses

How have different governments around the world responded to the health and economic crisis and what are some of the innovative responses that will stimulate the economy and ensure a sustainable recovery?

MMT: unemployment a policy choice

Unemployment is a policy choice, according to Professor Bill Mitchell, the father of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT). He says there is no reason that unemployment should be at the current levels.

One giant leap for Europe?

The Franco-German proposal for a COVID-19 recovery fund is not quite the “Hamiltonian moment” that some have claimed. But, by reshaping the debate on risk mutualization and the benefits of transfers, it could set the stage for one.

Global policy tracker

The HBS Global Policy Tracker is an initiative to collect and standardise economic policies implemented around the world as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It focuses on fiscal policy, monetary policy, and lockdowns. The data is updated in real-time with the efforts of several dozen students and staff at Harvard Business School and other Harvard Schools.

Embracing tech disruption

Reflections from Sonal Desai, chief investment officer, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income from the Franklin Templeton 2019 Global Investor Forum.