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What consolidation means for the AP funds

The five Swedish AP buffer funds will be reduced to three, a new responsible body will be set up to formulate long-term return targets and a reference portfolio, and limits on unlisted investments will be lifted under the new plan put forward by the Swedish Government. These are the findings of The Pension Group, which […]

Walmart takes divestment blows to the body

Two more high profile investors have punished US retailer Walmart for its anti-union stance and poor labour practices by divesting their holdings in the company. AP Funds, Sweden’s cluster of state pension funds named AP1 through to AP4 and AP6 (there is no AP5) worth a combined $140 billion, sold its equity and corporate bond […]

Investors take strong action on climate risk

One year after a ground-breaking Mercer report into the potential impact of climate change on portfolio performance, more than half of investor participants have decided to include climate change considerations into risk management and/or strategic asset allocation decisions. Climate Change, climate change investment, Mercer responsible investment, Risk ManagementAsset Owner:

Climate-change cloud has silver lining: Mercer

Climate change could slash as much as 10 per cent off portfolios in the next 20 years, according to Mercer’s much-anticipated climate change report, the result of an 18-month collaboration with 14 institutional investors from around the globe. climate change report, MercerAsset Owner:ABP / APG Asset ManagementCalifornia Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS)PGGMCalifornia State Teachers Retirement […]
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AP1 doubles alternatives

The Swedish AP1 will nearly double its alternatives allocation in the coming months with plans to invest up to $1.5 billion in hedge funds for the first time. alternatives, AP1, costs, hedge fundsAsset Owner: White is responsible for the content across all Conexus Financial’s institutional media and events. In addition to being the editor of […]

Dialogue has limited power for Ethical Council

The Ethical Council, a collaboration between the Swedish funds AP1-4, concluded dialogues with four companies in 2009 after achieving its ethical objectives, but unsuccessful dialogue with Elbit Systems has resulted in the funds excluding the company from their portfolios effective immediately. Asset Owner:AP Fonden 1 (AP1)AP Fonden 2 (AP2)AP Fonden 3 (AP3)AP Fonden 4 (AP4) […]

Strategic implications drive climate change study

The 14 institutional investors participating in the climate change strategic asset allocation study, a collaborative between Mercer, Carbon Trust and the IFC, will all receive individual portfolio scenario analysis of how physical and policy climate change-related events could affect their portfolio at an asset allocation level. Climate Change, MercerAsset Owner: White is responsible for the […]