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Featured Homepage Articles #2

CalPERS assumes lower returns

CalPERS has set its latest four-yearly capital market assumptions, that feed its strategic asset allocation. The $323 billion fund expects lower returns and more volatility.

MSCI finally adds China to indices

MSCI’s long-awaited decision to include China’s A shares in its emerging markets and ACWI indices will affect more than $1.6 trillion in funds that track the MSCI Emerging Markets In

From bonds to equities for GPIF

Since 2014, the Government Pension Investment Fund, the world’s largest investor, has shifted a chunk of its holdings, in domestic bonds to equities, and heightened its focus on stewardship.
Featured Homepage Articles #2

OECD presents ESG stocktake

An OECD stocktake compares how different country's regulatory frameworks affect institutional investors’ approaches to integrating ESG factors into their decision-making.

OTPP: an innovator’s tale

OTPP is “on the cusp of unleashing a whole brand new level of innovation in the organisation that has not seen in the past 15 years."

LD innovates on equities, fees

Danish pension fund Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond has embraced innovation, introducing four buckets for a more dynamic equities portfolio and co-investing with peers to get top value for fees.

Bloomberg embraces diversity

Head of diversity and inclusion at Bloomberg stresses the benefits of a diverse workforce and says asset owners can highlight areas for improvement in this regard.

Trump won’t stop climate action

Stakeholders of all stripes around the world – even in the US – vow to keep fighting climate change, despite President Trump’s decision to back the US Government out of the Paris Agreement.

Real factors, and how to use them

Factor investing has become a topic du jour, but according to four experts, there are only a handful of factors that are persistent and robust. If used strategically, these can be useful.

No sustainable growth from Trump tweets

US President Trump’s Twitter outbursts can have a big temporary impact on markets, but longer-term results are driven by economic fundamentals, State Street Global Advisors’ Dan Farley says.

Norges’ 1-stop shop for risk data

Norway’s Norges Bank Investment Management has developed a one-stop shop that puts sustainability and financial risks in one place for more comprehensive analysis of its portfolio.
From the CIO’s chair

OPTrust focused on pension obligations

OPTrust CIO James C. Davis discusses the fund’s member-driven investment philosophy and how it is transforming OPTrust into a pension-management organisation focused on remaining fully funded.